Prank Someone With This Fake Windows or Mac Update Screen

Do you dislike Windows updates as much as I do? Here’s a super simple way to make any computer show a fake Windows or Mac update screen that continues to “update” well beyond the 100% mark.


We all know the drill: a Windows update pops up, and it’s a waiting game. But what if the wait turned into a never-ending comedy? This happened when I discovered the Fake Windows Update Screens web app.

This app mocks the usual Windows or Mac update screen, but with a catch—the update never finishes! A friend and I decided to try it on his mom and as the fake update screen lingered, so did our laughter.

It was a small prank, but it turned a regular day into a laugh-out-loud memory. The fake Windows update was a reminder that sometimes a dose of digital silliness is just what we need to lighten up our tech-heavy lives.

Now it’s your turn to try it out on someone else.



PC Instructions:

Go to and choose an update screen that you want to play on the victim’s computer.

Press F10 to enter full screen. If you have trouble in one browser (like Firefox) try another (like Chrome).


Mac Instructions (Works Best In Chrome and Safari):

Go to and choose an update screen that you want to play on the victim’s computer.

Click the “View” menu and select “Enter Full Screen”.

Click the “View” menu again and unselect “Always Show Toolbar In Full Screen”.


Bonus: If the victim hits the enter key on their keyboard, the fake update will “bluescreen”.

Computer Prank Blue Screen of Death Screenshot


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